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You've probably seen our trucks around the city. They are our fully equipped units for your automotive emergencies. Any hour, any day... weekends and holidays. We will answer the phones. We understand that being locked out or lost keys put you under duress, the last thing you need is more stress. Don't call a tow truck to drag your vehicle to a mechanic when we can service the problem on the spot without the cost of transport or shop time. Phones are answered and dispatched by a certified technician available 24/7 for those who work during the weekday or develop problems during inconvenient times. What brands do we work with? Audi® - Acura® - BMW® - Buick® - Chrysler® - Dodge® - Ford® - GM® - Honda® - Hummer® - Hyundai® - Infiniti® - Isuzu® - Jaguar® - Kia® - Lexus® - Mazda® - Mercedes® - Nissan® - Oldsmobile® - Pontiac® - Porsche® - Saab® - Saturn® - Suzuki® - Toyota® - VW®

Damaged ignition or door lock

If an attempt has been made to steal your vehicle and your ignition or door locks now don't seem to turn, we can solve this problem easily and with no down time for you. We do it all on site, If you car key is becoming difficult to turn, this is usually a sign of general wear and tear and we can simply change a few parts inside and save you cost. We carry most parts on board and will have a solution for your predicament at most times or the most cost effective way to resolve it. Most locks will have issues after time if not maintained on a yearly basis. Some simple 2-1 oil goes a long way.

Broken key in lock / ignition

If you have ever encountered this, it's frustrating. If it is twisted off or simply broken, we can usually perform an extraction. If it is stuck in the lock, we may have to remove the cylinder from the door and perform minor surgery. We simply remove the broken parts and solve the problem and everything is as good as new. If it is stuck and you cannot seem to remove it yourself, we have the resources and may offer a simple solution over the phone as part of our "customer service experience". If we can give advice to solve a simple problem, we will try to help. That is our job! Note: If you do more damage to the lock by trying to service it yourself, it can be costly as other parts are functioning in the door and you may break something else off and not realize it.

Lost house / vehicle key

Don't panic if this happens. We can make keys from scratch with no information available. Several places you call may tell you they need the "Code ". Sadly, that is the sign of a very "un-trained" technician, they rely on the car dealership to give them information, or they are stuck. We are not code reliant technicians, we are fully skilled at our jobs and we do it all without any number of any sort, you will watch all our technicians on-site physically de-code it as well through a number OS patterns to see what the mechanical number is to make your lock turn... we will then program it your chosen configuration! We have car dealerships that often call us to make a key when the information is lost, we take very great pride as do they to save you money and NOT have to replace all your locks with a hefty price tag! If any locks have been changed with a prior owner to your car, we can usually even match it back up the way it was built on the assembly line. Allot of people like this resource and it's a skill very few can claim. If you have this happen, we can usually pick the lock open and "decode" what the cuts were very easily. You won't have to re-key your entire home in most cases. If your locks are on a "high security" system (meaning the cylinder is not pick-able) we will supply a lock for you and remedy the situation or advise how to solve this. NOTE: If you have what they call the "smart key" system, be aware, these locks are not pick-able because of how they are built. A technician will have to drill it out and replace it. The signs to tell with these are either "Plus" sign above the keyway or there will be a small pinhole to the left of the keyway on the face of the lock cylinder where you insert a key. If those are not relevant, a competent locksmith can easily unlock your door.

Failed remote

If this happens, most people figure you just need to be re-programmed. This is not the case, remotes are not different then other car parts, they lose frequency with wear & tear and sometimes a battery simply won't fix it. You may need a new one. If you wish to purchase one online, we will offer to program it for you, but we can't warranty the part. If you have an "after-market" alarm system, we can try and put a factory remote back in but be aware it may not work as most installation companies will usually have to splice into your current wiring harness and things may be disconnected. If you have never had a remote, confirm with your local dealership that your vehicle was actually manufactured with a remote otherwise the antenna module will not be present and the car cannot receive the pulse from the remote signal it sends out.

Locked out

Car and truck unlocks, vehicles with the "Dead-lock" system, keys stuck in the trunk and you have a dead battery? We can easily solve all these problems very quick, we don't usually just do the "ole Slim Jim" routine, we are a professional locksmith and will often pick the door lock open or simply make a key for entry! Even with those of you with high end cars and tint jobs. We won't risk scratching your windows and "pumping" the doors open as many road-side providers tend to do, we don't like this practice as often it bends the frame and you end up with an air leak and often torn weather stripping from the driver pushing his vehicle entry tools through the air gap he created. We will not damage your car. We do luxury car openings even with broken locks on the door or with an active dead-locking system.

Chip Key Programming

We do it all on site, we don't need a current vehicle available to generate you a key, we don't require dealer codes as many companies may claim, we do it from scratch and have the technology to convert the keys to talk to your computer system. If computers have been changed in the car, we can often match the parts up depending on the manufacturer. You will need to call for details. From Proximity keys to Smart keys and Remote Start, we can program it all. If you just need a spare "chip" key aka "transponder", we often don't even need your car, we just need an existing key and we can match it. You don't even need to bring us the car. Please call for details. Also note if you have lost your keys, most people are under the false idea their entire car needs re-keying. We can "erase" the computer in most instances and your car is protected from theft if someone tries to take the car when it's unattended. Feel free to call us for details on this process. You will feel better that you did. We explain it in depth.

 Our Story

Our Story

We provide a unique service: from keys made to repairs that very few in this trade can duplicate or claim. We have and use the most efficient equipment and tools that most locksmiths have never seen or even know about.

At Amazing Locksmith Ltd., we make it a high priority to identify the problem and clearly communicate with our clients at all times. We want to ensure that you are getting the solution that you want and that all your considerations are taken into account. Our reputation as a Calgary trusted lock company is important to us. We always carry ID and will arrive in a marked vehicle. Call us for all your automotive and emergency services today.

Our locksmiths are hired for their intuitive touch for their automotive specialty. Locksmithing requires an attention to detail and extreme patience. Ours have all this and a professional attitude. Our technicians are trained under some of the best locksmiths on the continent and receive ongoing training for the latest vehicles from all manufacturers; from high security keys to remote start or push button ignitions.

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